This blog's primary purpose will be to inform you of the special events we have planned in our community.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Meeting

We have basically used this blog to announce upcoming quilt events.  We have decided to try to post summaries from our monthly meetings.  We will try our best to do just that and we will also try to take pictures at our meetings to share here on our blog, because we all love pictures.

Our bake sale/flea market table was a big success at the Franklin House/Quilt Tour event.  We hope to be there again next year, the second weekend in October. 
We are presently raising funds for speakers in the future.  We do not have anything scheduled yet, but we are working on ideas.



Susan said...

Nice job. Some people will read this I hope.

Dawn said...

Great idea. I hope the sale was a big success.